Crystal Blue Cruises
Cruise Lake Michigan aboard
Bring along the following items for your comfort:

Sunglasses and Sun screen. A hat or visor may also be helpful.

Light jacket in the summer, warmer clothes in Spring and Fall, air temperature over the lake is often 10 degrees cooler than on land.

Wear soft sole shoes, please. No hard or dark sole shoes may be worn on the boat. Bare feet are allowed.

Camera with fim or memory cards.

We do not serve alcohol aboard, but you may bring along adult beverages. Be aware that alcohol can greatly enhance sea sickness and is not recommended. Please do not bring red wine or other drinks that will easily stain. Soda and water are provided for reserved cruises.

Snack foods are permitted. Please choose items that will not stain or destroy white carpeting.

Child size life vests are available on the boat, but kids often prefer to wear their own. Children under 13 years of age must wear life jackets at all times. Crew members will also wear them as examples of safety.
Each cruise will be started with a short safety briefing and welcome aboard tour; therefore, please plan to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled departure time.

If you are travelling from a great distance, it is wise to call ahead to verify that weather conditions are acceptable for a departure. Many times weather on the lake is different than on land. Plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

Important: since we cannot control the weather, we are not responsible for delays or cancellations made for the sake of safety. In the event of a cancellation, we will gladly reschedule at the earliest convenient time for all involved. Thank you for your understanding.

While aboard it is required that passengers remain seated whenever possible. Children must be supervised by their parent or guardian, who are held responsible for their behavior. Please don't let your children break anything you don't intend to purchase.

Be advised that the parrots are fun to look at and fun to talk to, but they should not be handled without the permission and supervision of crew members. Birds are delicate, so are your fingers; lets keep them separated.
How to prepare for your cruise:
What to expect on your cruise: