Crystal Blue Cruises
Cruise Lake Michigan aboard
Cruise Director - Diesel
Chief Radio Officer -Toby
First Mate -Tiki
Tiki was our first parrot and is our most well behaved. He is an African Grey with a large vocabulary and the ability to mimic a wide variety of sounds. Parrots like to be the center of attention and use thier sound skills to attract it; this is especially true of Tiki. However, when he is already the center of attention, don't be surprised if you don't hear much from him. Pretend you don't notice him or walk away and you're likely to hear all kinds of sounds, from water bubbling to a conversation on his imaginary phone!
Toby, also an African Grey with a huge vocabulary, is a lover... or so he would have you believe. Put your hand near his cage and he will put his head down so you can pet him. Don't be taken in by this, it's a trick to get your fingers...and bite them! Toby 's favorite activity on the boat is greeting other boats with whistles and calls. He loves doing the wolf whistle at anybody walking on the boardwalk... Toby is a little head turner <3
Diesel is an Umbrella Cockatoo & the newest addition to our flock; he is very cuddly once he gets to know you. Diesel will be sure to make you feel welcome as he often dances as a greeting. You will often find him perched on Captain Kim's shoulder.
Tiki - Time for a little snack.
Toby - I didn't do it!